I believe photography is one of the best things you can invest your money in. Many of us spend $5 a day on our favorite coffeehouse drink; we buy the latest music of our favorite artist; those designer handbags or shoes may be on the top of your priority list. But… what do you have to show for it in a months time? What about in a year? Or 10 years from now? Investing in custom portraiture for your family will last. Forever. You’ll be able to give your children archival quality printed portraits, canvases, or albums. They will be able to show their grandchildren what their family looked like many, many years ago… and I think that’s more important than coffee or shoes any day of the week.

Custom portraiture is not for everyone. It is a luxury, and many people sometimes get a shock when hiring a professional photographer for the first time. Yes, the investment is more than it would be if you were going to a high-output one-hour-photo or a friend with a fancy camera. When hiring a professional photographer, you are not simply paying for a piece of photo paper or an image on a disc. You are paying for the artist’s time and talent, training, thousands of dollars worth of equipment, insurance, taxes, supplies, travel, archival quality products, customization and consultation. I spend around 10hours on each client to make sure they get a one of a kind experience.

The Deets:

Please allow up to a two week turnaround time for all photo sessions to be completed.

ALL sessions require a $100 non refundable booking fee. This will be carried over to your session balance and deducted. The rest of the session fee is due the day of the shoot, no exceptions. 

Cancellations: In case of a cancellation per the customers request, a rescheduled date will be given. If the customer cannot work out a reschedule date he or she may carry over their deposit to a later date. If the photographer cancels, same as applies above. No refunds! 

Weekends are always the first to go. Please book in advance to secure your weekend spot!

This is up to 5 people. Immediate family only of you are doing family photos. Each additional person is $10.

 I also TRAVEL :).

I cull through your photos and pick the best if the best. I promise you will love them! (Sometimes I may add more 😉 )

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